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13 February
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I am Kamaleshwar Morjal, a graphic designer and 3D artist (3d character animation as major, also model & texture in leisure time). This journal is about the technology that i have brushed with or i simply liked (thats not necessarily the best or the latest or costliest but its just what i felt writing about..), and my daily life as such.. I liked the 'Mood tag' on livejournal.. So if i turn out to be a regular blogger you even know what mood i am in right now.. :)

I had other blogs for which i tried assigning a particular theme and topic but that did not work out for me and i ended up being really lazy to blog.. So, eventually, i've decided to keep no fixed theme for this blog..

It can be about FOSS, it can be about computer hardware or just about politics in my area ;) [ yeah thats from the political technocr- err.. technicians :P ]. It can be about anything i think and care (or don't care) about..

Thanks for coming by.. :)


[ PS: All views and ideas posted on this page and any of my posts on kamalx.livejournal.com are solely my own (unless specified otherwise in respective context). They do not, in any way, represent the views of my present or past employer(s), my colleagues or any of my friends or business associates.]