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Just saw this tweet today that cites a quote leading a train of thought that has been holding in the yard for a while.

Indeed, I always tended to agree to that. But, and that is the latest addition, a new insight that one wrong stroke repeated over and over would ruin the gem. It's cliché now to state that "practice makes perfect", however, it's important to add that one must pick the object of perfection very carefully for practicing what you do not desire shall make one perfect in what one does not desire. It's a double edged sword.
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I didn't make it into XYZ, why should I live?

IIT, IIM, SSB -- there is no dearth of examples of glorious places where you wanted to be, but didn't make it. Because, what are the odds -- a handful of seats and millions of people competing to claim one for themselves.

In 2015, there are places online where you can vent, places where you can ask why you should be alive any more? Did you give an iota of thought to why you want to be in one of those places at all? What drives you? Let's take a look at a handful of reasons why you should consider living on.

Why should I live? Reason 1.

"All men must die" -- ha!
Every human must die. Isn't that reason enough? For me, it is. But if you seem more ambitious than I (which you very likely are at this point) and more of a train-wreck than I at the same time. So, if you are in a rush to die, allow me to give you another reason. Read on.

Why should I live? Reason 2.

Find another means. You are not there yet. Did you mean to quit?

You should live because IIT or IIM, or whatver it is,  is a means to an end, not an end in itself.

Live to find out what you love, what drives you, and find another means to get there. You don't kill yourself if you miss a bus, or two buses for that matter. You find a rick. You find a taxi. You hitchhike! You find a way. You don't cry every time you miss the chosen means.

Now for your other problem, people who laugh at you and call you dumb are very likely to do so every time you stumble in life. That would have been true even if you got what you wanted today. You have a choice to either ignore them and get back on your feet or waste your energy listening to them.

If you should be more worried about anything at all right now IMO, it's how much you are affected by people laughing at you, not how you didn't make it into an exam taken by 13 lakh people for 10000 seats.

Why should I live? Reason 3.

There's still a race yet to be picked. Pick your races wisely. Learn from the ones you didn't.

All of us have a compass and orientations of our own. We have the ability to decide whether we're heading in the right direction -- we're naturally happy when we are heading in that right direction, regardless of what everyone in the world says. If you want to make it to a goal A, the first thing you need to continuously evaluate is whether A is towards the top (where you'll be happy) or towards the bottom of a pit (where you'll be sad and alone forever).

A wise guy told me -- "you should always race to the top; abandon a race that seems to be towards the bottom of a pit". I don't believe life is a race; but many things in life are indeed races. There's nothing wrong in abandoning a race. If you're not wise enough to pick your races, you are not wise enough to survive your victory, even if you do manage to win.
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Write. Write more.

Since the beginning of my on and off relationship with blogging software, one thing that has remained consistent is me constantly shying away from writing and publishing publicly the few posts that I write. Writing may not be my forté, but Gregory Ciotti of SparringMind (my newest find and latest addition to my blogroll) says it has psychological benefits -- and I can totally connect with that.

Not only writing, but reading my own old posts is an experience that I am yet to learn to express into words. By the way, if you stopped by here and read all the way to this point -- I would recommend to check out the sparringmind.com.
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Just do it

...because It's easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission. (~Grace Hopper).

That thought so nicely resonates with me today after going through the adventures of a New Yorker, Nikki Sylianteng, who took it upon herself to fix the confusing parking signs in her city and did it right. She mentions Richard Ankrom's adventure back in 2001 as one of her inspirations. Ankrom just went ahead and fixed a freeway sign calling it "Guerilla public service" and his change not only helped people driving on the road, but also was so transparent that it went unnoticed for 8 years before the city authorities scrapped the sign board he made – only to accept his change for the new freeway sign board. It is speculated elsewhere that going the route of approaching authorities with the idea and asking them to do it would have taken longer than that. Regardless of the truth in that speculation, it would have indeed taken longer than the turn-around time that Ankrom achieved with his quick and non-intrusive urban intervention. 
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Only race to the top

Was just chatting with a good friend today and one thing that stuck with me in the conversation and is essentially the point he clearly spelt out – 'ruthlessly opt out of race which is to the bottom', 'only race to the top'.
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Random thoughts

 All that lives eternally and stands the test of time is an epitome of artistry.

Just struck with that thought while browsing through pictures of some very old sculptures and historical monuments. Those structures are awe-inspiring, have stood the test of time, and still stand tall and strong to tell a story. 

Quote of the day (091219)

Those who can't change their mind can't change anything
- George Bernard Shaw

Hmm.. This seems to be getting trendy. This post just looks like the previous. But the quote suits perfectly for the current circumstances around me nevertheless, with someone claiming to be God and never willing to change their mind. Deja Vu, as well!